The convenience of on-site imaging

We offer our patients the convenience of ultrasound imaging right in the comfort of our About Women Ob-Gyn offices. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the soft tissues that are difficult to see on X-rays.

We have 3D/4D ultrasound capabilities for prenatal scans, and GYN pelvic ultrasounds for other conditions.

No radiation is needed. Prenatal ultrasounds help assess the health, development and position of the fetus during pregnancy.

Since an ultrasound provides a view of internal organs and body structures, your doctor may request an exam to evaluate the general health of the organs in the pelvic region and to identifying the origin of pelvic pain.

Prenatal ultrasound – amazingly clear images and video of your developing baby

An ultrasound during pregnancy is much more than just another medical exam. It can be a special, once-in-a-lifetime event filled with anticipation, wonder, and joy. With the 3D/4D ultrasound at About Women Ob-Gyn, you can experience that first look with amazing clarity and detail. You can take home photographic-quality hard-copy prints and DVD video to enjoy with your family for years to come. We offer these remarkably vivid images in a variety of packages and price points including color and black & white prints, still images on CD, and video on DVD.

Optional Prenatal 3D/4D Ultrasound Packages

  • Just can’t wait…pink or blue?
  • $75
  • 14+ weeks
    Visit Includes:
    Gender determination, 2 color images, 6-8 black & white images
  • Check on me
  • $125
  • Between 28-32 weeks
    – 20 min DVD
    Visit Includes:
    6 color images, view 3D/4D imaging by screen with photos, 15% discount toward future sessions
  • Growing & Glowing
  • $155
  • Between 28-32 weeks
    – 30 min DVD
    Visit Includes:
    8 color images, 5 black & white images, CD with high resolution 3D images, 20% discount toward future sessions
  • Twice is Nice
  • $235
  • 1st session between 25-28 weeks
    (movement and basic images)
    2nd session between 31-33 weeks
    (facial features and growth)
    Visit Includes:
    4 color images, 2 black & white images, CD with high resolution 3D images

Preparing for an Ultrasound Exam

Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. Depending on the reason for your exam and the area of the body to be imaged, you may be given additional instructions.


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